IDesignerLab (IDL) is a Singapore-based multidisciplinary boutique interior architecture and design practice that aims to provide a full array of interior architecture and design consultancy services from early-stage planning, conceptualization to actual realization. We specialize in crafting spaces for residential, retail, commercial, offices, and the food and beverages industry.

A lab is a place where constant experiment, analysis, research, and development are carried out. With that in mind, our motto 'Designing Tomorrow, Today' constantly reminds us of the vision to explore breakthrough design possibilities and ideas for our client for the community.

We believe that a well-curated space helps users to re-celebrate life. A project without infusing a client's story is like a person without a soul; simply meaningless.

Now, we have told you our story and beliefs.

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Carlos Sim

Carlos is the founder and managing director of IDesignerLab (IDL) a multidisciplinary boutique interior architecture and design practice in Singapore. Carlos is an undergraduate of the Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom where he majored in BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design.

Carlos is a professional member as well as a council member of the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS). He believes that age is just a number. With only close to 5 years of experience in both residential and commercial projects, he is driven by his true passion for the interior design industry. Several of his works have already been published on newspaper and social media, receiving assertion and recognition among the public.