Low Toxic Healthy Living
  | 2022
  | 1259 SQFT
Nowadays, people spent the majority of their time indoors, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic by introducing and practicing WFH (Work From Home). With that, interior design plays an important role not only in delivering the design aesthetic but also in helping to create sustainable and functional spaces that improve the human experience and to promote good indoor air quality.

Our client had this strong vision to transform their new home into a toxin-free home with low to zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Together, we focus on only using the green and sustainable materials. Low VOCs plywood & adhesive for joinery works, zero VOCs paint, zero VOCs hard-wax oil finish for parquet flooring, and Singapore Green Label only building materials for all wet works.

Design-wise, we focus on a light-colored material palette due to the site constraints. Situated on the ground floor with extended Private Enclose Spaced (PES) on both sides of the unit, it limits the natural lights penetrating the interior space. A splendid work of arch upon entrance that resembles the arches that originated from ancient Rome became the centerpiece of this contemporary home design.