Resonant Rhapsody
  | 2022
  | 2820 SQFT
Resonant Rhapsody is an interesting music school project that aims to inspire and empower Singaporeans to sing, create, learn, and experience the joys of music through choral participation. We took our design inspirations from the neoclassical architecture that shapes the iconic & historic Capitol, but with a twist of a contemporary approach. Our design concept is centered around the idea of incorporating dynamic design elements such as flowing curves and dynamic forms that evoke the fluidity and movement of music, yet at the same time, exudes a warm, inviting space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and community. We've incorporated elements that evoke a sense of harmony and unity, such as open spaces that encourage interaction, communal gathering areas for rehearsals and performances, and ample light source that floods the space with warmth and positivity. To complement the space's musical purpose, we've also included operable walls with acoustic treatments that ensure optimal sound quality for performances and practice sessions, as well as offering flexibility to transform the recital space from 1 unobstructed space to 4 individual rooms as and when required. Our color palette features bright, cheerful tones that reflect not only the corporate color scheme, as well as the energy and enthusiasm of the school's students and faculty. In summary, our design concept for this music school is centered around creating an inviting and inspiring space that empowers and inspires Singaporeans to express themselves through music. We believe that our design will foster creativity, collaboration, and community among the school's students and faculty, and provide a welcoming space for all who wish to participate in the joy of music.