| 2022
  | 1000 SQFT
The new design for this 1,000-square-foot music school has positively impacted students and teachers. By capitalizing on the views of Marina Bay Sands from the 24th floor, the floor-to-ceiling windows become the focal point to spur them to sing or teach better. A space that promotes such inspiration demonstrates how design is a key influence on occupant health, happiness, and overall sensory experience.

The idea of darkening the walls and ceilings to soften the mood and to create a cozy and conducive environment for the students to practice their vocals is a creative and effective means to allow them to have full focus. The moody theme also creates an air of luxury and sophistication. With this darkened theme of the surfaces, the eyes are immediately drawn to the view of the Marina Bay Sands; thus during recitals, the panoramic views serve as a pleasing backdrop to the lush sounds created by the student's vocals.

The expansive room can be split up via operable partitions to quickly create two smaller rooms. Abopart acoustic panels from Germany ensure sound does not leak into adjoining rooms so students and teachers can stay focused. The designer has also chosen to minimize permanent fixtures. The main reception counter can also be wheeled away to allow the space to be transformable to accommodate larger crowds. All loose furniture was specially selected to blend into the theme of luxury, coziness, and sophistication.

The gold accents and detailing blend with the dark and sophisticated theme. Loose furniture, some iconic, enhances the space with a touch of luxury. The Ghost chairs and coffee table provide functionality, but their transparent look helps to minimize distractions when students need to remain focused. The cove lights not only light up the space but can serve as stage lights when performance is required