Interwoven Dimensions
  | 2023
  | 2840 SQFT
Welcome to our visionary project, where the realms of an office and a commercial foodservice equipment supplier showroom beautifully intersect.

The design concept of the showroom and office comes from the incorporation of multiple layers, both physically and visually, to create a sense of depth and dimension within the space. We understand that it is the fine details that truly matter. Every element of the space has been thoughtfully considered to create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere. From the carefully selected materials to the meticulously designed lighting fixtures, each detail serves a purpose of enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality.

While the aesthetics play a vital role, the functionality remains at the forefront. The space revolves around the seamless intersection of two distinct purposes; to serve as an efficient workspace for their dedicated team and to exhibit their extensive of top of the line, high quality kitchen equipment. We have carefully curated an environment where these aspects harmoniously coexist, ensuring a visually stunning and productive space.